Hermes SDK Documentation
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CBodyEstimationTargetStores the target to be used for body estimation
 CGloveDataAll data for a single glove
 CLessFrequentlySentDataAll the glove data that is sent at a lower rate than other data
 CManusHostContains information for connecting to a host running Manus Core
 CManusProcessedDataProcessed glove data, based on the raw data
 CManusQuaternionA quaternion, used for rotations
 CManusRawDataRaw, unprocessed glove data
 CManusVec3A 3D vector, used for translations
 CManusVersionStores a single version string
 CManusWristTransformProcessed transform of the wrist computed from tracker data
 CPolygonBonePolygon data for a single bone
 CPolygonSkeletonDataAll the skeleton data that can be sent to or received from Polygon
 CPolygonTargetStores the target used for Polygon
 CPolygonTargetArgsContains everything needed to set a Polygon target
 CRemoveSkeletonArgsData required for the removal of a skeleton
 CRetargetingSettingsPolygon retargeting settings
 CRetargetingSettingsArgsA wrapper for Polygon retargeting settings
 CTargetSkeletonTargetStores the name of a skeleton target
 CTrackerDataAll the tracker data that can be sent or received
 CTrackerIdStores the name of a tracker